The Manufacturing Behind Cuddle Clones

Looking for custom made stuffed animals has recently become easier, and the website is here to help. Jennifer Graham had lost her dog, Rufus, and wanted to remember him by using fabrics and soft material to represent his fur and poses. Since then she has wanted to spread this vision to all the world. She created Cuddle Clones in 2009, the day Rufus passed, and the day a new generation of playing and healing through plush pets could begin.


Cuddle Clones is a company that allows customization of all their items, and however the customer wants it, is how they will get it from Cuddle Clones. No matter what a person could want in roxy kittycustom made stuffed animals, Cuddle Clones is the go to for their answer. this company uses the highest quality products when it comes to creating a furry likeness of a pet. Hundreds of choices from differing fabrics allow Cuddle Clones to make a custom pet look just like anyone wants it to. Even drawings or older stuffed animals can be made into a plush pet, with a variety of poses.


the pet replicas that Cuddle Clones creates, with the purchaser’s help, has the main fabrics, acrylic and polyester, mostly for the stuffing and fur. There are many other fabrics available to them, so even special requests can be made and honored. All that is needed is a picture of the pet or drawing and Cuddle Clones will make them to the customer’s specifications. The only requirement for care is dry cleaning only. No trying to wash or soak.


At a completely company owned workshop, all the stuffed pets are put and stitched together in the city of Dongguan, which can found in China’s Guangdong providence. When looking it up online, pictures of a well-built, quiet Chinese city can be seen, a testament of that region’s ability with textiles and fabrics, stemming from a long history of creating custom made stuffed animals for larger corporations. Cuddle Clones’ workers are fairly paid and treated, leading the way for human rights in China and the world.


Sandstone statues are also available, coming in at 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Differing colors create life-like sandstone creations and have custom bases, complete with name or whatever the purchaser wishes. Made in the USA, these quality statues immortalize the purchaser’s pet and show the unique ability of sand-blasting art to bring a creation to life.


Boxes with Cuddle Clones logo emblazoned on the side are sent to purchasers of their products. If it is a gift or surprise, white discrete boxes can be sent instead.


There seems to be only one absolute choice when it comes to creating your pet replica and that is Cuddle Clones. Their all-furry, custom creations that will last and possibly heal families and individuals who may have lost their own pets. Just go to and discover more custom pets right away.