How 3D Printing is Changing the Future of the Manufacturing Industry

If you have not previously paid attention to 3D printing, now is the time. Experts assure us that the future for 3D printers is very promising. Scientists all over the world are actively working on existing 3D printing techniques, discovering new technologies and materials, and searching new fields of application. Many call it the technology of the future, and there are some reasons for this. This technique can totally change our way of life, and the method of manufacturing for most things.

We, Surrey Printer Repair company, believe that a 3D printer is a small and compact multi functional factory. According to this fact, prospects of 3D printing can surely be called successful. Keep reading if you want to know how 3D printing is changing the future of the manufacturing industry according to Surrey Printer Repair company.

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The changes that will be caused by 3D printing

There is great interest in the 3D bio-printing technique, which is considered to be one of the most promising technologies. In using this method we can begin to think about the manufacturing of artificial organs. Also, some scientists are sure that developing of this new technology will bring us significant changes in areas such as:

    • Building

      3D house printing or contour construction attracts much attention because of its futurism and simplicity. The Chinese became the first in house printing, then Dubai followed using contour construction. As a result, the government of Dubai has already built the first 3D-printed office building, and their next step is going to be an entire quarter.

    • Electronics

      Encapsulating the future changes caused by 3D printing, this industry cannot be ignored. Scientists believe that it is will become the future of manufacturing digital devices. Currently, studies of graphene and its application in additive production are being actively conducted. A main development in this field is a graphene battery with an unlimited lifetime.

    • Auto and aerospace industries

      Scientists believe that promising aspects depend on these printers ability to reproduce almost any element of different complexity. And now 3D printing is used in the manufacturing of aircraft, satellites and cars. The ISS even has its own 3D printer.

    • Pharmaceutical industry

      In this industry they are looking at these printers to manufacture pills and other medicines. Confirmation of this is legalized in the United States epilepsy tablets made by a special technique. The essence of this perspective is the gradual release of active substances, so that instead of many tablets you can take only one.

    • Food industry

      3D printers are gradually gaining special places in restaurants. Food printing is especially interesting for the possibility of cooking food for astronaut

By the way, scientists are talking about the construction of the first 3D printing settlement on the Moon and Mars, so the expectations of these printers are also relevant outside of Earth. So, if you want to touch the future through a 3D printer, Surrey Printer Repair company is happy to help you!