The Latest Medical Product Disaster

In recent years, more and more women are using vaginal meshes each year. These transvaginal implants are common in cases of women with pelvic prolapse or urinary incontinence. But despite their growing use by women all across the country, cases where the implant causes serious injury or complications, leading to injuries that would take a while to heal, or permanent. As a result, many vaginal meshes have been recalled from the market for further reevaluation before they can be improved upon and released again.

Hernia Mesh Recalls

Hernia mesh recalls are one of the more common results of a faulty vaginal mesh. These can result from implants cutting through the vaginal tissue. As much as hundreds of women in 2016 alone reported that a resulting hernia left them with more than just physical damage, but also mental and emotional damage, as well.

Sometimes, it’s not just during the actual use that can result in a complete recall of the product. Even on the manufacturing floor can the problem be detected early.

For example, many studies have discovered that these implants have a higher rate of failure than projected, higher than what the manufacturers initially believed, leading to even more complications and possible injury to many women. It becomes all the worse when these complications can lead to “false flags” where women would believe that what they’re experiencing can be remedied by just some painkillers and antibiotics.

Since then, the FDA has recorded and observed thousands of cases where complications that would arise later during use were failed to be picked up by the manufacturers themselves during the testing phases of the product. Hernia mesh recalls became one of the most common causes for mesh implants to be pulled from stores.

But regardless of whether it’s a hernia or severe bleeding, one thing is certain – that vaginal meshes have definitely earned their reputation as something that many women have grown to think twice over before using.

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