5 Money Saving Tips When Choosing A General Contractor

general-contractorThere are probably many DIY (Do It Yourself) home-improvement projects that you can take-on so as to increase your house’s value whilst enjoying yourself. On the other hand, there are also a good number of projects that require you to hire an expert so as to ensure high quality and positive results. A general contractor possesses the experience and skills that are required to manage the whole project from its start to its finish. Hiring a general contractor can be expensive; below are some 5 money saving tips when choosing a general contractor.

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Make a Plan
Before you even start interviewing any contractor, first establish a clear scope of the work. Finalize all the design features that are to be incorporated in the project and select all the materials and equipment that will be required before meeting any contractor. This will help to save your time as well as that of the contractor. Saving times means saving money. Additionally, selecting the equipment and the materials in advance will help you to know their costs, hence enabling you to plan for a project that is within your budget range.

Accomplish What You Can Yourself
After planning and determining the scope of the project (work), consider the tasks that you can handle yourself. For instance, if you have an area that you want to remodel, you can demolish and tear down anything in that area yourself. Another task that you can do yourself because it doesn’t require you to have any special skills is painting.

Request for Value Engineering
The complexity of designs varies from one design to the other, and therefore, some are harder to build than others (and therefore more expensive). Unless you are trained, you may not realize that your design includes lots of complex details that may cause you to spend more than you wish to. When consulting with a contractor, request for his/her opinion regarding the complexity and cost of the elements of your design. Inquire with the Canadian Construction Association about the less expensive options.

Schedule the Work Flexibly
The three major constraints of any project management include cost, time and quality. If you want your remodel to be completed quickly with great workmanship, you have to invest in a good amount of cash. A project which is rushed to be finished in a short period of time at a low fee will most likely result into (or yield) low quality work. Therefore if possible, schedule your project flexibly so as to save some cash whilst getting high quality results. Ensure that you inform the general contractor in advance that quality and cost are your top priorities, and not time.

Get All the Detailed Estimates and Quotes in Writing
Verbal contracts are of no value in the courts of law should anything go horribly wrong. Ensure that even the pricing’s gray areas are detailed. In some instances, it is not possible to accurately estimate the cost; nevertheless, it is reasonable to get an over-run percentage in writing. For instance, the general contractor may state that even though the job may be costly, it won’t go beyond 15% of the estimated value. During this quote-gathering stage, use a spreadsheet so as to keep up to date with everything.
Now that you are equipped with the tips on how to save money when choosing a general contractor, you can hire an expert to remodel your home without over spending unnecessarily. As the work progresses, ensure to stay updated and in communication with your general contractor.

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